Its Just Jane

Welcome to Me!

Borrowing the words of the wonderful Coco Chanel – ‘In order to be Irreplaceable, One must always be different’, I hope that my website and I are something a bit different, and if not irreplaceable, then certainly I’d want to aim for unique and those other two things which Ms Chanel insisted on – Classy, and Fabulous.

Whether you think I’m any of those things is up to you – all I can tell you is what I think I am –

  • A Survivor – born with a hole in the heart, I’ve beaten pneumonia, stroke, losing a child, losing myself but I’m still here – and I’m living proof that you can be, too!
  • An Enigma – there are times when I don’t know myself anymore than a total stranger knows me, I’m a bit of a mystery while at the same time being an open book. Work that one out, because I’m still trying
  • A Goddess – and not because I’m beautiful (I’m not) and not because I’ve got a magnificent body (I haven’t) but you don’t need those things to exude allure, to be strong, to offer inspiration, to guide and to love. Believe me, every single woman on this planet is a Goddess and don’t any of you ever forget it!