Daily thought for the day ...

For My Valentine



Valentine, Recall

Roses have thorns

And Chocolates

Taste bitter

When eaten with lies

Romance wears a mask

of deceit

Love is only


Welcome to Just Jane

Welcome to my website!  What will you find here? Well, when I started thinking about getting my own platform to spout forth from, it was just going to be somewhere to post my blogs – I blog about anything which comes into my dizzy little head. Then, as I began writing again, part time – catch some of my short stories on scriggler – I thought why not include some of my work on the website? Now, I’m writing my first novel (how exciting and brilliant is THAT?) under the pen name of Amy J Steinberg, check out the My Books section for updates on how the writing is going and to read excerpts.

Then there’s my Twitter account @itsjustjane.962 – you can catch some of my tweets – sometimes hilarious, sometimes serious, sometimes downright annoying and outspoken, but that’s me!  Follow me by clicking the follow button and have a tweet with me.

Businesses can advertise, writers can create links to their own work, estate agents can post information about themselves, community groups – come and join my community, individuals – take the centre stage and write about anything that you are passionate about and I’ll put you in the spotlight.  I’m aiming to take a little bit of everything the world has to offer and compact it into my own little space, which I’ll share with you!